Earworms Might Mean Something

Ever get a song stuck in your head? Ever wonder why THAT song got stuck and not another song you overhead?

While sometimes “a cigar is just a cigar,” there may be hidden clues behind your latest earworm. I like to view them with the same curiosity that I view dreams.

When I started to suspect that they had some deeper meaning, I started to find it. It could be that I’m finding patterns where they don’t exist or that i’m just using the lyrics as a jump off point for random introspection. …

After a day of hiking, the sun had gone down and I needed to find a place for me, my two kittens, and our RV to sleep.

I started calling all the highly rated RV parks but after 5 calls not one had picked up. I must have started to look for spot too late. I thought, “Well, another lesson learned. I guess I’m going to wind up sleeping in some noisy bright parking lot…again.”

But then I tried calling one more place; a small RV park with only a handful of reviews that were all positive, but a bit…

No matter how many books we want to read,

No matter how many tasks we want to complete,

No matter how many people we want to connect with,

We are limited to only 1 “now”

We have no choice but to be monogamous with “now”

And, at least for each of us, there is a finite amount of “now”

But here’s the cruel joke — we have no clue how much “now” there is for us. No clue!

But, but, but … there are so many people to love! So many things to accomplish and learn!

How can we come…

Photo credit: Antonio Guillem

I’ve meditated for 10–30 mins most days for a few years.

The first one to three minutes are awesome. Each breath seems exquisite. Everything calms down. There is no place I’d rather be than completely focused on my breath.

Just when I start to think I may be on the brink of true enlightenment, all hell breaks loose.

My mind becomes a careening car from one of those sit-down driving games at an arcade, constantly overcorrecting, running over grandmothers because I swerve to avoid trees. I try to keep my attention on the breath, but it usually only holds for…

A few months ago, I started a morning ritual. With each sip of my morning coffee or puerh tea, I honor a different teacher of mine.

I’ve done this a few times a week and it has had a profound impact on my sense of gratitude and purpose.

I start with my mom and dad and then go through my life and picture the people I’ve learned the most from as I take each sip. Some of them are people I know personally and others are people whose books I’ve read or whose lectures I’ve listened to.

There are some…

In my life long quest for an ever more centered and content life, I love discovering tools that bring me back to equanimity when it has slipped away, which it inevitably does.

Recently, I was feeling particularly content while sitting in a hot spring. As I was trying to reverse engineer my contented state so I could leave breadcrumbs for a future self to find his way back, these 4 phrases came to me.

  1. I’m already whole.

2. Everything is a gift.

3. I’m here to serve.

4. This, too, shall pass.

Our culture tells us the opposite of these:

Troy Dayton

By day, legalizing cannabis and building the industry. By night, uncovering insights to an awakened life and leaving breadcrumbs behind for me and you.

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